How to use Your Change Account online and via the mobile app

Using your Online Change Account

Managing your finances online is something most people can’t resist. The Change Account allows you to control your finances all at once - conveniently, securely and quickly. With our fully responsive platform you can manage your finances on any device, wherever you are. When you first login to Your Change Account you can view our 'Getting Started' video to help you.

Creating Your Change Account

Using your Change Account Mobile App

Do more with your mobile! Keep track of your finances at the touch of a button whilst you are on the move. The Change Account mobile app allows you to take your finances with you, wherever you go. Signing up is easy and your finances are secure.

Functions at a glance

View Your Card account and Wallets anytime

  • Check your individual balances for Your Card account and Your Wallets
  • Search your statements
  • View up to 6 years of transactions
  • Edit Your Change account details and settings

Make simple and secure transfers within Your Change Account

  • Transfer money from Your Card Account to Your Wallets
  • Transfer money from Your Wallets to Your Card Account
  • Transfer money between Your Wallets
  • Review or cancel transfers
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Have payments sent directly into Your Change Account

  • Receive one off payments and regular payments

Flexible Payments on time

  • Pay bills from Your Card Account or Your Wallets
  • Set up a one off or recurring payment
  • Cancel recurring payments
  • Pay existing payees
  • Pay new payess (not available on mobile)
  • Personalise your payments

Notifications to help you keep track of your finances

  • New Payee Added
  • New Direct Debit Added
  • Warning Upcoming Direct Debit
  • Direct Debit (paid/failed)
  • Scheduled payments (paid/failed)
  • Money paid in
  • Choose to receive these payment alerts via email, mobile app and/or SMS
Full details on Payment Alerts here

Keeping your finances secure is our priority

  • Secure registration and logon process
  • Automatic logoff after 4 minutes of inactivity
  • Any data entered or accessed including password or account information, will not be stored on your device (Mobile app).
  • There will be an encrypted transmission of data between your account and your device (Mobile app).
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