Students: Adapting to Change

With university or college beckoning for a number of young people across the UK it is an exciting, but apprehensive time. It is a big step – not only in terms of education – but moving away from home, and the new responsibilities that come with it.

Students now have to be more self-dependent than ever- with the increase in fees due to cuts in student loans and bursaries. With that in mind it’s important to be spending savvy.



Student loans tend to come in at 3 monthly intervals-which may seem great the 1st month- but not so much towards the end of month 3! Creating an accurate weekly budget can be a simple, but effective way to keep you on track of your finances. (If you stick to it of course!) Try this budget calculator to get you going:

With Change Account Wallets you can actually put money aside- that you cant access with your Prepaid Debit MasterCard® – this could really assist you if you have a habit of ‘misspending’ See

Money Management budgeting-3

Many students take out a ‘student bank account’ offering interest free overdrafts. These can be useful, but remember to consider how much you have to pay back afterwards- along with a hefty student loan.

Another thing to consider with student accounts are that bounced payments or unauthorised overdrafts can actually damage your credit rating for the future. Always check the charges you may incur before applying for a bank account or credit card.

Saving tips save

  • Look into getting a rail card if you will be travelling back home by train. Save up to a third with a Young Persons rail card
  • Buy tickets in advance for events and share taxi journeys with as many friends as possible to split the fare!

The most important thing of all is ENJOY every minute!

Stay safe and good luck.