How to Continue Your Change Account Application

You’ll need to send us one document for proof of address and one document for proof of identification by:

  • Scanning and emailing them to or
  • Posting them to:

    Change Account Limited
    Winster House
    Herons Way
    Chester Business Park
    CH4 9QT

Important: If you send documents in the post please email to let us know we should be expecting your documents.

Documents sent in the post will take longer to reach us than if you choose to email them. On receipt of us receiving your documents in the post, you can expect to hear back from us within one working day.

Important: The same document of ID cannot be used for proof of address and identification. All Documents must be clear and in colour. Photographs cannot be accepted.

Acceptable Documents for proof of Address

    • Driving License (must be the photo ID card, front and back)
    • Utility Bill (water, electric, gas, landline telephone) which specifies the issue date as no older than 3 months
    • Solicitors completion letter (must confirm that completion has happened and the date)
    • Council Tax Bills and Department of Work and Pensions (dated within the last 12 month)
    • Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements (these must be documents that have been posted to the residential address)
    • Printed Bank Statements and online statements can be accepted if the bank has confirmed them as genuine with a stamp
    • University Residents (written confirmation from the University of Attendance and residence. The letter must be on head-ed paper and contain a signature)
    • Letter from Local Education Authority
    • BFPO Addresses (bank statements if available or a written confirmation from the commanding officer of attendance)
    • Firearms certificate or shotgun licence
    • Instrument of a court order (such as a grant of probate or liquidator
    • Mooring fees documentation

Unacceptable Documents for proof of Address

  • Sky TV, Mobile Phones, TV License, Car Insurance, Goods Receipts
  • We cannot accept Utility Installation Notifications that are in the standard word or document format
  • Paper counterpart driving license
  • Online Bank / Credit card statements that have not been stamped by the bank

Acceptable Photographic Documents for proof of Identity

Please provide one document from Option A. If you are not able to provide a document from Option A, please provide TWO items from Option B; one from list C and 1 from list D.

Option A (Preferred)

Do not send original documentation.

  • Valid Passport (Computer generated only)
  • Valid UK/EU Driving License (Full or Provisional) *front and back of card
  • Valid National ID Card (EEA and Switzerland only) *front and back of card
  • Valid Identity card used by Electoral Office in Northern Ireland *front and back of card

Option B

List C

  • Benefit entitlement letter†
  • Notification of entitlement to tax credit†
  • Notification of entitlement to pension from DWP†
  • Notification of entitlement to student loan/grant†
  • HMRC (Inland Revenue) coding/assessment/tax credit/National Insurance statement†

List D

  • UK armed forces ID card
  • Disabled drivers pass†
  • Utility bill*
  • Original credit/debit card or bank statement*
  • A certificate from local embassy confirming address*
  • Lease deed/rental agreement/property registration document*
  • Savings Passbook with attested photo*
  • Local council rent card†
  • Instrument of a court appointment (for example Power of Attorney)

Important: the same piece of ID cannot be used for proof of identification and proof of address.
†Not more than 12 months old.
* Not more than 3 months old and has not already been provided as proof of residence