• 1. Trusted Organisations being the major owners of Change Account Limited

    Our unique partnership is made up of socially motivated and respected organisations who already offer individuals direct access to financial support, advice and flexible technology. They include:

    These organisations believe everyone should have access to the financial services they need in order to fully participate in our economy and society. They understand the needs of many of our potential customers and know that offering people the right product is only part of the solution, people must have the advice and support they need to make the most out of their money.

    • PayPlan
    • Advice UK
    • Street UK
    • Homeless Link
    • London Rebuilding Society
  • 2. Delivery of a first class product through like minded Founder and Distribution partners

    We work closely with Founder and Distribution Partners to enhance our product and help everyone have access to the benefits of transacting electronically. Together, we will follow our vision of delivering an inclusive financial product to all and create positive change for our customers to build a stronger, more secure, financial future.

  • 3. A partnership with an innovative and experienced financial services group

    It is important in the delivery of any financial services organisation that they are supported by experienced financial services partners. As a result The Change Account has gone into partnership with Payment Card Technologies (PCT), a leading card provider of innovative, flexible and trusted Debit Card and Payment Solutions for businesses. See below for more details.

Payment Card Technologies
(Programme Manager)

  • Leading Programme Manager in UK & Europe.
  • Processed over £300m globally.
  • Preferred suppliers to Mastercard and Visa.
  • Provides fully integrated payment solutions.
  • Manages transaction processing web services and call centre.
  • Provides single point of contact for all services in the value chain.
  • Runs over 20 major consumer programmes, and in excess of 200 corporate schemes.
  • 24/7 call centre for the travel industry.

The Change Account Community is a virtuous circle. By offering the product and being owners of the business, each of our Partners will benefit from the success of The Change Account enabling them to put more resources into their core financial support for individuals.

The Founder Members



Payplan have been helping people deal with money problems since 1992, giving expert ‘they’ve-been-there’ advice that really makes a difference to their lives. At Payplan, they understand that it isn’t just about helping customers pay back the money they owe. From the moment they ask for help, PayPlan give them choices for a better life: a debt plan that works, advice that’s always free and, support for as long as they need it. This empowers individuals to reach their goals and aspirations.

The Change Account represents a fantastic opportunity for PayPlan customers who might struggle to get access to conventional banking, financial products and services because they are in debt. With a full range of banking services, including Direct Debits, a safe place for salaries to be paid into to stop creditors offsetting money owed, no credit check and Cash Back offers from an exclusive Rewards Programme, it’s a genuinely innovative, low-cost solution for customers’ day to day banking needs. Change Account helps the people that PayPlan care about. This is why PayPlan are delighted to be involved and give their whole-hearted support to the initiative.

Find out more at: www.payplan.com

Advice UK

Advice UK

Advice UK is the national membership body for organisations that provide free, independent advice. With over 800 members Advice UK is currently the largest network of advice agencies in the UK and, between them, their members help around 2 million people every year. As a UK-wide organisation Advice UK is a key member of the Advice Services Alliance. Advice UK’s diverse membership places the organisation in a unique position to influence Government departments and other bodies.

Advice UK believes people should have confidence in the values and practices of whoever it is they are trusting with their money! This is why Advice UK helped create The Change Account. Many of the people who approach Advice UK’s member centres for help are either unbanked or under-banked; that is, they can’t get or don’t have an account, or their existing account doesn’t meet their needs. If they do have an account it will not usually have all the features they require, particularly in relation to budgeting. Advice UK’s interest in The Change Account is about having a fair, affordable, full-featured transactional account that their centres can suggest to anyone that approaches them, no matter what their circumstances.

Find out more at: www.adviceuk.org.uk

Street UK

Street UK

Street UK is a not for profit leading social lender across the UK. Street UK exists to provide small affordable loans for local people. The products and services Street UK offers have been designed especially for people who are unable to obtain finance from mainstream institutions. They provide an affordable alternative to high cost credit providers and door step lenders. Street UK does not compete with major Banks and Building Societies. If individuals cannot seek help from Banks and Building Societies Street UK provides a cost effective alternative. Unlike Banks and Building Societies Street UK assesses ability to borrow (and repay) a loan on current situation rather than credit history.

Street UK is supporting the development of The Change Account because it will make a real difference to Street UK’s clients. In particular The Change Account’s ring fenced wallets and the fact that account holders do not get charged for unpaid Direct Debits, will help their clients. Street UK will provide budgeting advice to help clients take full advantage of The Change Account both for the savings available and the security that comes from better management of their finances.

Find out more at: www.street-uk.com

Homeless Link

Homeless Link

Homeless Link is the national membership charity for organisations working directly with homeless people in England. With over 500 members, Homeless Link works to make services for homeless people better and campaigns for policy change that will help end homelessness. Homeless Link is in a unique position to influence local, regional and national government on policies that affect homeless people. Homeless Link is the national hub for debate and policy development among organisations working directly with homeless people in England.

Homeless Link offers an honest, but forward looking picture of homelessness in the media. Through their communications, they aim to change public perception of homelessness and homeless people. Homeless Link hosts a national training programme for organisations working directly with homeless people, offering national and regional training. They help many individuals get back into employment and The Change Account is seen as a valuable aid in helping these individuals manage their finances effectively.

Find out more at: www.homeless.org.uk

London Rebuilding Society

London Rebuilding Society

London Rebuilding Society is a Community Development Finance Institution established in 2001 as a not-for-private-profit social enterprise. They have a track record of developing user-centred innovative products and services to meet unmet needs, reach underserved and excluded communities, and to promote social, financial and digital inclusion. London Rebuilding Society aim to reduce poverty and increase wealth, health and well being for communities and enterprises within a sustainable social enterprise model.
London Rebuilding Society are proud and excited to be one of the founding partners of The Change Account. They believe everyone should have access to the fair and affordable financial services they need. The Change Account not only provides a viable and needed alternative to bank accounts, but also offers a range of simple and effective budgeting and money management tools. These make it appealing to a much wider population then just people who are currently missing out on the benefits of banking.

Find out more at: www.londonrebuilding.com

Strategic Partner


Mastercard is a global technology company and payments industry leader operating in over 210 countries worldwide. Mastercard aims to make the global economy safer and, more efficient, inclusive and transparent. Mastercard believes all people should have an opportunity to participate in the global economy and to access all the benefits available to those who can transact electronically. This helps individuals build a stronger future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Mastercard have launched programmes delivering financial inclusion to over 350 Million customers worldwide. Mastercard is also involved in many entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs around the world. Through these programs, MasterCard helps ensure that individuals have access to opportunities to achieve financial independence and realise their potential.

Mastercard is proud to be working with The Change Account. The Change Account has been developed with UK customers at its heart – it not only provides an alternative to high street current accounts but provides money management and budgeting tools as well as a cash back programme. The team are motivated to develop a product which offers real benefits and real choice.

Find out more at: www.mastercard.co.uk